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    My name is Troy Christensen, we are a family owned and operated company based in Southeast Idaho. We have always called East Idaho home and are happy to service Blackfoot to Island Park, and Swan Valley to Mud Lake.
    Septic Systems
    A septic system includes a tank that holds and breaks down waste, “clean” water then passes through the drain field, where the water is safely disposed. At South Fork Septic, we provide septic system services that will keep your system running smoothly.
    We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers and take care of your septic system needs.
    If you need preventative maintenance, an immediate fix, or you are a new septic system owner and have questions, call Troy at (208) 881-2433.

Our Services

Septic systems

It is very important that you service your system every 3-5 years. Over time sludge builds up in your tank. If your tank is not serviced, the sludge and solids will become so thick that they will start to flow into you drain field. Once your drain field starts to fill with sludge, it does not take long for it to become a major problem, and it will no longer function properly. It can in many cases even result in septic backing up the lines and flooding your home. We will remove the sludge and solids at the time of service which will prevent damage to your drain field and help your septic system continue to run smoothly.

Septic systems
Locating / Digging / Riser Installation

Are you not sure where your septic tank is? Not a problem! We have the equipment to find your tank and then can dig it up. After digging up the lid it is also a good idea to install a riser which makes future services cheaper for you, because we will not have to locate and dig at future services. Our risers blend into your yard perfectly and can even be placed 100% out of sight.

Septic systems

Our scoping service inspect the condition of your pipes. It can help us diagnose problems and determine if the problem is a break, belly (low spot in line preventing proper drainage), or blockage in the pipe.

Septic systems

Sister flushed her doll down the toilet?! Not a problem! With our industrial snake we can get out nearly any plug and get your water flowing like it should.

Septic systems
Selling your home?

After your tank is pumped and serviced, we can provide a detailed report of our service outlining the overall condition of your system. This type of service can often be referred to as an inspection. We provide this service free of charge and can leave your home buyers feeling great about the purchase.

Service septic system service


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I am pleased to give "Southfork Septic" a five star review. They called and reminded me they were on thier way. The lid to my tank was stuck in hard place. We got it off and they were able to diagnose what was happening in my tank. They took the time to teach me how to improve the septic system and maintain it. The tank had 15 years of packed crusty waste in it. They inserted a mixing tool and created a poo smothie. It took a matter of minutes to pump the tank once it was mixed. They put me on their schedule for another visit in 5 years. I highly recommend Southfork Septic. They are simply the best!

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These guys did a great job! Troy was able to get the job done without driving on the lawn and was done super quick. Thank you!

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Troy got right to work and got the job done seamlessly. Answered questions I had, and put things back the way they were.

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